Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Misty!

Our whole family is becoming enchanted with our little furball! She is a joy to watch and interact with and gets used to new situations very quickly. We played with her again last night but it was late so we made it short. Wouldn't you know it, she refused to go back to her cage. I guess she wanted to stay out longer. So we obliged her by putting her in her ball and letting her explore the bedroom while my son was getting ready for bed. We also took a few more pictures (though it's hard because she moves so fast!) and a little movie of her washing herself.

I am on a mission to get a picture of her stretching. She looks absolutely adorable when she does that. One hind leg outstretched behind, one fore leg stretched up and out in front, and those scary looking teeth! Here are a few more pictures.
The one-eyed hamster! AKA, Misty washing herself. She's got her ear pulled right down with her "hand".
And here she is, cuddled in her "dad's" hand...
...and doing the "let's walk the hands" routine.

For a video of Misty washing herself, click here:

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