Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sunday, December 4, 2005
Last day of racing at Woodbine Racetrack, Toronto, Ontario.

Some exciting news! Following the last race of the season, myself and three other artists (Linda Shantz, Dorothy Wintle and Debbie Goldring) will hold a small Art Exhibition at the Woodbine Club during the members' reception.
What can I say other than I am very much excited about this opportunity. What better location for equine art than one of the biggest race tracks in Canada?

There will be some beautiful art available for sale from all the ladies and I will feel very honoured to meet Dorothy and Debbie (I already know Linda and she is a super gal as well as an exceptional artist!). There will also be an opportunity to take photos of the last races, weather permitting. I will post some of them here and relay my experiences, so come back next week!



Many a time I find creating art also has other creative side-effects and often sparks interesting insights on human nature and psychology of creativity, procrastination and mental (or artistic) blocks. I often feel compelled to share these thoughts in hopes of helping other artists but lately I've realized these "musings" may also be helpful and interesting to the general public. Thus this blog was born.

It will not only contain my ideas on creativity but also up to date happenings and news in my artistic neck of the woods. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and I hope it will innitiate some interesting thoughts.

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