Friday, October 20, 2006

Our Ying-Yang tree.

During the 10 years I have lived at our house our front yard tree has failed to impress me. My husband ensured me it's a "red maple" and *should* have lovely, bright red foliage in the fall. It never delivered. Most of the seasons we may get a few yellowish or brownish leaves stained with a bit of red. Some years we even had a definite reddish hue over the front of it, but it was always somehow flat and mediocre.

I've searched books and internet resources to confirm that it was in fact a red maple and found I could not identify it. I assumed it must be a hybrid and gave up on my expectations of having a striking, flaming-red tree in the front yard.

It was teasing me all these years. In early September first a tiny branch turned brilliant red. Soon many more followed. I dared not hope so I didn't look at it. Didn't want it to know my expectations were growing again. When all other trees in our area were solidly green, our tree was planning a show.

The leaves didn't turn brown and fall as they often did in the past. They remained and in turn infected more of their brothers and sisters with the crimson fever. One day I finally decided it was safe to take a picture of it. Only then did I realize our tree has turned into a Ying Yang symbol.

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