Thursday, March 30, 2006

Colour my world!

New Projects!: I am currenlty working on a graphite portrait of a golden lab and in the middle of this portrait I realized I needed some colour in my life. So I started working on another piece simultaneously. It's a little practice portrait in colored pencils of an old friend Cratic - a very talented and beautiful Dutch Warmblood gelding, retired from competetive Dressage now, whom I used to work with many years ago. This will be a WIP (Work in Progress) type of post, so check back and see how Cratic goes.

Here is the reference photo of Cratic and two updates to the drawing. Prismacolor pencils on Canson MiTientes paper, textured side.

~ * ~

Starting the underpainting layer with only two pencils: Indigo Blue and White.

~ * ~

Most of the face has been blocked in, but, as you can see in the photo, he has a halter on and it is throwing strange shadows on his face so I had to stop and look for some "naked" pictures of Cratic to figure out how the side of his face is structured. Come back for an update!

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